Saturday, October 29, 2011

2 Months and Growing...

Jonah will be 6 months old in a couple of weeks.  Therefore, this seems like a perfectly appropriate time to write his 2 month update.  This is how we roll, people, a few months late to everything!
I told you in his 2 week update that Jonah decided to start waking up every 3 hours during the night the exact day that the doctor said we could go ahead and let him go 5-6 hours, right? Well, I kept hoping he would just gradually start stretching that out-3.5 hours, then 4, then 4.5, etc.  By 5 weeks, NOTHING had changed, sleep-wise.  And all of those "other" moms out there were filling my head full of all of these false hopes.  If one more mom told me to just "wait until 6 weeks, you'll see such changes", I was going to attack her with the nearest spit-up soaked burp rag I could find.  I mean at 5 weeks 6 days, Jonah was still waking every 3 hours.  And then, something magical happened: Jonah turned 6 weeks old.  It was amazing.  The night of June 22nd (Jonah's 6-week birthday), he slept from 11:30-5:30 or 6:00.  It was miraculous!  He skipped all of those intervals in between and gave me over 6 straight hours of blissful sleep.  I apologize to all of you "other" moms and offer you a fresh, clean wipe as a peace-offering.  Since that night, Jonah has slept 6+ hours with only a few exceptions! 

What else happened between 2 weeks and 2 months, you ask?  Jonah's first ROADTRIP!!  And where else would we take him besides the booming metropolis of Lubbock, TX (they have a flyover on the Loop around town now--that's big time!).  We went the weekend of June 10-12 for my 10-year (WHAT???) high school reunion.  That's right, Jonah turned 1 month old in Lubbock--what a lucky boy :) And while he was there, he got to meet one of his future girlfriends, Sydnee!! The picture below was taken on 6/11/11, Jonah's one-month birthday!!
A couple of weeks before, he had met one of his other girlfriends, Matea. 
 These two might already be in love!  They hang out at while thier mommies are at work and get caught holding hands frequently!  This picture was taken on 6/1/11 the first time they met!!

When Jonah was 5 weeks and 6 days, one of my FAVORITE things happened!!  Jonah gave us his first real smile.  Not a gassy smile, not a "I'm not sure what to do with my own face" smile, but a real, "I like you" smile!!  It was awesome!  Now I spend many hours of my day trying to get that sweet smile to spread across that little boy's face.  I cherish each and every one of those smiles and pray there are a million more to come.  (He hasn't quite mastered how to smile for the camera yet!)

Before I go, I'll tell you a little about his 2-month check-up.  When we went in we had a few concerns we wanted to talk to Dr. B about.  If you know me, I don't like to complain at the doctor's office.  I guess growing up in a health-care family, I'm very mindful of the provider's time and I don't want to be "that" patient who has all of the silly questions.  But now that I have a child, I want to be as sure as I can be about his health.  So I made a list and prayed for courage as we drove to the clinic. 
Dr. B was wonderful.  He assured us that as long as Jonah's over-active, extremely loud GI noises (I'm not even talking about his toots, just sounds coming from his round little belly that you can hear across the room) didn't bother him, not to worry about it.  He upped Jonah's reflux medicine to reflect his weight-gain.  He even listened to a recording I had made of this scary wheezy, choking noise Jonah makes after he eats sometimes.  He explained that their airways are still very pliable at this age and sometimes 'collapse' a little after eating or when they're exciting.  It only becomes an issue if they sound like that all of the time!  One of the last things Dr. B checked was Jonah's neck strength on his belly.  WHEW--I was super relieved when Jonah just popped his head up.  I definitely didn't want to be the PT mom who gets in trouble for not doing enough tummy-time, especially since Dr. B refers his patient's to our clinic all of the time!  So overall, we left there with an excellent report and feeling extremely grateful for our healthy, happy, growing baby.  Here's his stats:
Age: 15 days
Age: 9 weeks
Weight: 8.9 pounds    87th Percentile
Weight: 12.9 pounds   87th Percentile 
Height: 21.7 in 98th Percentile
Height: 25 in   99th Percentile
Head Circ: 14.5 in 73rd Percentile
Head Circ: 15.3 in 30th Percentile

So that's about all for Jonah's first couple of months, so I will leave you with a few pictures!!

We are missing a 4 week picture, because he had REAL pictures taken for his 1 month, so I'll post a few of thos in a different blog!  Look for them in about a month :)

Next, we have Jonah's first bath in the "big boy tub".  Isn't he the most precious little thing you have ever seen??  Taken on 6/5/11

Sleeping on daddy in Lubbock on 6/11/11.

One of the few pictures of Jonah with mommy.  Taken on 6/11/11 at Coco and Papi's house.

I absolutely love this picture!  This is Jonah and his precious cousin, Nate.  Nate is one of the happiest, sweetest little boys ever which is what makes this picture so hysterical!!  Here the boys are with MeMe on 6/11/11.

Here's Jonah measuring his hand against Daddy Dave's on 6/11/11.

Preston: "Come on little buddy.  Just pick your head up.  It's not that hard." 6/22/11

HOORAY!! 6/22/11

This was taken exactly a week later on 6/29/11.  Look at the progress he made!!  I'm such a proud momma!!

Jonah used to go through this whole routine when he would stretch after a nap and it was AWESOME!  I could post a whole sequence of pictures, but I'll resist!

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