Wednesday, April 13, 2011

33-34 Weeks...

So, I told you all in my last post that I would be posting on odd weeks due to the schedule that Dr. New had us following. And naturally, I am a little bit behind!! We had our 33 week visit on Friday, April 1st. David couldn't go with me because he was taking a CPA exam, so my sweet friend Jessica went with me to video the sonogram so David could at least get a peek at our little man! Once again, Dr. N felt like everything was going well with nothing to worry about! He answered a few of my questions like: "Why do I have a huge numb spot at the top of my ribs?"--Because the skin is being pulled away from my ribs, so the neural tissue is on tension. "How big is the little guy?"--Well, he's growing on target and Dr. N isn't going to make a guess at birthweight until I'm 36 weeks. "Is he still breeched?" --NOPE!!! He turned himself head down!! "What are the odds he will stay head down?" --Pretty good, most babies who are head down at 33 weeks stay that way. WHAT GOOD NEWS!!! So as far as we know, we have a healthy baby boy, who is starting to at least prep himself for delivery in a few weeks! Here's some updates:

Baby Stats: At 33 weeks, Jonah could be up to 20 inches long and weigh about 5 pounds already!! WHAAAAT?!?!?! That seems so huge, but looking at my profile in the mirror makes it seem a little more realistic! He is about the size of a honeydew melon according to What to Expect!

Development: His fingernails are now developed enough that they actually reach the end of his fingers--and to be honest, I'm terrified about having to clip those nails in a few weeks!! AAAANNNNDDD, he'd be so embarrassed if he knew I was talking about them, but Mr. J's testicles are beginning their descension into his little scrotum...shh!! Jonah also has an immune system that is developed enough to be able to start fighting infections! It's so crazy to think he started as just a little gummy bear created by the most elaborate Creator!

Weight Gain: So I actually asked Dr. N to give me an official total since the first visit at 8 weeks!! Drumroll please..................I had gained 22 pounds at my 33 week visit. That's actually better than I was expecting, but I am expecting SEVERAL more pounds to be added on the next few weeks--don't worry!

Pregnancy Symptoms: Oh MAN!!! I sometimes laugh when I look at the checklist of "possible symptoms" for each month, because I feel like I can go down the list and just check them each off! But I'll just share the ones that have been bothering me a lot lately! Heartburn: it's a KILLER!!! It doesn't matter what I eat or drink, I have it! Peppermint Tums and Zantac are part of my daily diet these days. I also have these little dark patches of skin showing up on my face: AWKWARD!! They tend to make me look like I have a man-stache! Probably too much detail to share, and now people will be staring at my upper lip, but I want to remember these things! I have also been swelling A LOT lately! Not only do I have cankles, but I also have Carpal Tunnel in my left hand (serious numbness and tingling in my thumb, index and middle finger) that gets worse as the day goes on, and I recently starting having some plantar fasciitis too! I love days when I get in the pool at work because it helps push the fluid back in where it goes. And lastly, I must be the size of Texas based on the comments I have been getting (more to come on that later: I'm working on a "What NOT to say to a pregnant woman" blog based on real-life experience).

Cravings: Nothing new here--same old stuff. Sorry!

Nursery: OMG!! It's a gigantic disaster!! And let me tell you why. David, Jonah and I have been UNBELIEVABLY blessed with 4 incredibly awesome showers!! We have been utterly blown away by the generosity of our friends and family! Our little Jonah is one loved little boy and he's not even here yet!! Every single thing we have received is still sitting in the bag in the middle of our nursery floor. I just have so much HOUSE organizing to do that I don't want to start the nursery yet!! And I have friends who are due AFTER me who are posting pictures of thier finished nurseries and it's stressing me out a little! I'm getting nervous about getting it all done!!! But somehow it will all work out, right?!?!

SO that's about it for now! We are scheduled to go back and see Dr. N on Monday, April 18th. I'm not sure what will happen at that visit because we will be just 2 days away from being 36 weeks--CRAZINESS!! So we will see. Time for pictures!!

So this is a fun "hippy" picture my sweet friend, Jessica, took when I asked her to take a few "maternity" shots to document just how big that sweet belly was (and you should see it now)! David is holding up the 32 sign because I was 32 weeks at the time!

The second picture is what the nursery looked like BEFORE we went to Lubbock for our 4th and final awesome shower!!

The last picture is what our car looked like on our way BACK from Lubbock: so now this is all added to the pile above. So, congrats to all of you organized moms-to-be...I'm not one of you. I'm unorganized and I'm trying to be ok with it!!