Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rangers, Raiders and Radiation...

...and we're 0-3! On Friday night, David and I went to the Rangers game--he went for the game, I went for the fellowship and fireworks!! Some friends of ours from small group had tickets to a suite, so we were blessed to eat all of the hotdogs and chicken fingers we wanted!! I've discovered that baseball is one of those sports that I do NOT want to watch on television, but can enjoy watching in real life! I am also completely ok if I happen to have good friends with me at the game that keep me completely distracted from actually watching the game--thanks girls!!! The fireworks after the game were awesome (I still get just as excited about them as I did when I was 10), but the poor rangers couldn't pull out a win, 0-1 for the weekend.

Saturday we had our sweet friends, Jessica and Clay, over to grill out and watch the Tech game. The food was awesome!! We had Chipotle Lime tumble chicken from Market Street, fresh vegetables from the Coppell Farmer's Market (including 8-ball zucchini-YUM!), and homemade mashed potatoes!!! It was delicious!! I refuse to talk about the Tech game, 0-2.

As far as the radiation goes: here's an update on dad. The biopsy he had done showed that the lesion in his hip is definitely a tumor. The cells were not differentiated. So, we know that tumor is NOT a primary bone lesion and it came from somewhere else. What we don't know, is where the primary lesion is. Dad has had multiple tests done, including a PET scan. The PET scan didn't show anything that we were not already aware of. It lit up in his pelvis as well as the other bone areas we had previously been concerned about. All of his bloodwork has revealed nothing. The only other area that might possibly be of concern is a small area on his liver--but no one seems too concerned with it right now. Dad's liver enzymes have been elevated for a while apparently, and those haven't shown any recent changes. So what to do?? Dad had a port placed on Thursday (I think) for chemo. He was supposed to begin radiation last week, but due to a lack of thorough communication, it has been delayed until Monday (thus making the three R's 0-3).

So this coming Monday, the plan is to radiate the area in his pelvis as well as one lumbar vertebrae. He will also have his first of two chemo treatments which will be spread out over a few weeks. They will repeate the PET scan in 2 months to see what changes. Please continue to keep all of the family in your prayers! I think dad is ready to actually start doing something about it--so that's exciting! Mom and dad have been very blessed by the support and encouragement they have received from everyone!!! Thank you all--I will update when I know more. I also think mom is going to set up a Caringbridge page for him. When that's officially up and running, I will post the site so everyone can stay informed that way. Hope you all had a great weekend!