Sunday, March 6, 2011

28 Weeks

Here is a quick update from 28 weeks (ok, more like 29.5 weeks):

At our 28 week appointment, I had to undergo the infamous "glucose test" and have some blood work done! Good news is that I passed my glucose test with flying colors!! But I was a little on the anemic side, so I have to start taking an iron supplement every day--No Biggie!! My blood pressure was fine, and he said my weight was fine. So here's an update on the baby:

Stats: He could be up to 17 inches tall (again, I'm not getting my hopes up for an NBA star) and could weight up to 3 pounds. I will say, that Dr. New measured his femur to be 29 weeks when he was 28 weeks 2 days--so at least so far, he's not vertically challenged?? His heart rate has come down a little and was about 155 bpm this time.

Development: He is starting to deposit more fat underneath his skin, which means we're getting rid of that saggy skin and he's starting to look less like a scary skeleton, and more like a baby! He's big enough that his kicks, karate chops, and flips are much more apparent; and he's not big enough to have limited space...yet. Baby is also starting to actually hit the REM cycle during sleep, so maybe he's dreaming about how sweet and happy he's going to be?!?! Finally, it's important to note that if our sweet little boy were to be born from this point forward, he's got a really great chance of doing just fine!!

Weight Gain: my oh my...again, I can't say for sure because Dr. New and his nurse don't tell me how much I've gained, but I think I'm somewhere in the realm of 18 pounds??

Pregnancy Symptoms: Ok, keep in mind that I'm writing this a couple of weeks late--I'm just a couple of days away from being 30 weeks. But seriously, I am NOT one of those people who enjoys being pregnant!! I am DYING OVER HERE!!! Sometimes I think our sweet baby boy is trying to kill me from the inside out! I haven't been able to breathe out of my nose for basically 6.5 months. I wake up all of the time during the night because I can't breathe or I'm tangled up in that silly body pillow, my back hurts so bad that no position is comfortable AT ALL, and I have heartburn like no other. I've been on two rounds of antiobiotics for sinus infections and I am currently so stopped up, my ears pop when I swallow; if my ears aren't popping, then they are so stopped up that I can hear the swooshing of my pulse in my left ear; and I'm coughing up a lung. It's disgusting, really--miserable!!!! And I'm having to take a lot of different OTC meds which really stresses me out. BUT, THE BEST FEELING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD IS FEELING OUR SWEET BABY BOY FLIPPING AROUND IN MY BELLY!! And I can feel him A LOT now...little feet or elbows or fists pushing out on each side. It's so fun to just sit and watch him squirm around!

Cravings: I looooove a big glass of cold milk at night before I go to sleep and I've developed a taste for pretzels (which is weird for me). I still really enjoy my blueberries and vanilla yogurt in the morning. And unfortunately, I've been wanting a lot of Dr. Pepper lately--YIKES!! I'm trying not to give into that one very often!

Maternity Clothes: Thank goodness for the full belly panel in your jeans--that's all that I can say!! I have gotten QUITE the round belly lately and it doesn't fit into anything!! I'm anxious to find some cheap, but cute-duh, dresses for when it starts getting warmer!

Nursery and Name: Welllll, the bedding is in and currently in the crib-but I'll have to take it out and wash it when it gets a little closer. We have a slight issue with how the bumper fits in the crib, but we're working it out. We're almost done registering, and I will be glad to say that it's done!! We have a few showers scheduled for April, and I'm super excited! In the name department, we have CHOSEN A NAME!! We are telling a few people at a time, and a big announcement will come soon! It's extremely intimidating to tell someone the name you have chosen for your child to have for the REST OF HIS LIFE!! So I'm slowly starting to share the news. Everyone will know soon enough.

So overall, everything is great--other than not feeling well at all--lol. But I know that this will all be worth it the very second I see this little boy and hold him in my arms. I can't wait--even though there's still a ton to do! I'll leave you with a picture at 28 weeks...don't judge!!

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! I am with you on the whole pregnancy thing...I was stopped up and had indigestion the ENTIRE time. Afrin, Tums, and ice cream were my best friend. I am excited for you and know that you are going to be an awesome mom.
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