Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jonah's Nursery

This post won't be exciting or anything, but I wanted to post a few pictures of Jonah's nursery.  It's actually still not finished (even though he is 2 months old as I'm writing this), but he doesn't use it much yet, so I figure it's ok!  There are a few things I want to add and move around, but at least this way, there will be some evidence of what it looked like.  The picture quality isn't great because of the lighting and the shape of the room!  Maybe someday his room will look like what I envision in my head :)

First, you need to see what Jonah's nursery looked like about 6 weeks before his due date:

 Yes, I said 6 weeks before he was supposed to arrive!!  And then you have to add all of the stuff below to what was already stacked up to get the full picture of what was going on in there! 
 Needless to say, I am so grateful for good friends like Bethany and Jessica and my mom and David's mom for helping me "snap to it" and get things together!!  Like I said, it's not completely finished but it's at least cleaned out-lol!!

This is Jonah's crib and bedding! It took me forever to find bedding that I could tolerate because I had a very specific color scheme in mind, and I hate themes!  This isn't exactly what I had pictured, but it definitely came the closest--I love the different shades of green/blue and the pale jade we used on the wall!!
 I made the letters hanging above Jonah's crib, but I'm still looking into a way to make them look like they are hanging--I don't want ribbon, but I want something!  I just haven't decided what yet.  I also plan on putting a framed picture of Jonah on the tan wall above the crib.
 This is Jonah's dresser.  The lighting is terrible because I had the window beside the rocker open!  That rocking chair is cheap but super comfy!! 
This is Jonah's changing table: we bought it cheaply off of craigslist, sanded it down, and painted it to match the wall behind the crib.  I honestly didn't think I would use the changing table at all, I just thought I would change him on the floor or the bed, but I use the heck out of that table!!  **Sidenote about the table: The day we painted it, our good friends Jess and Clay were over hanging out and helping.  It ended up being a really fun night with some crazy storms!  We ended up putting on the last layer of paint JUST IN TIME for the power to go out!  They have been so good to us!!
 Here's a close-up of the letters:
Nothing fancy, but I love his room and I love him!!!

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