Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I feel ya, baby!! (and see ya too)

So this has become one of my favorite things to say!! Sometimes when I'm sitting at home, and I feel the baby move that's exactly what I say to him, "I feel ya, baby!". I can't wait to have something to call him other than "baby" or "my little man". But we're having a pretty hard time finding a name that we think is just perfect for him. FORTUNATELY, we both agree on and like the same names!!! So if we could just narrow down our list from 5 to 1, we would be in business! Until then, "baby" it is!

A name is not the only thing we are having trouble making decisions about! I had NO IDEA how man options there are out there. We have only scraped the surface on the registering process and already feel extremely overwhelmed by the decisions we have to make! Some seem silly (I still cannot find bedding that makes me smile) and others seem really important (what kind of car seat should we get for after he outgrows the infant seat--not a specific brand, but should we get a convertible car seat or a 3-in-1). We want our precious cargo to always be safe and secure and loved! The loved part is COVERED (we already love him more than I could have imagined), but the safe and secure part requires a lot of research and education on our parts! Hopefully we will get it together soon!

I also wanted to make sure and mark a milestone that we reached this week (and this is the only place I'm documenting these things). Today, I was able to see him move from the outside!! I probably could have seen him early, but today was the first day that I just sat there and watched. And what's really awesome is that David was able to see him too!! It's exciting for me to see David get excited about all of these things too!

So that's about it for now-aren't you proud of my short(er) post?!?!


  1. Congratulations Melanie! I know you're going to be a WONDERFUL mom!

  2. Oh girl! I miss you so much! I said hello to Lubbock when I was there. We were there on a short vacation to visit Austin's parents. I hope I can come down to Texas sometime soon to meet your little miracle!

  3. Yay!! I love that :] Johnny always talks about his teaching partner his 2nd year of teaching who was preggo...he looked over and the baby kicked her badge off her belly!! That must have been a sight :] Praying for you and that sweet boy!!! Missed you this weekend :[